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How it went down

My name is Niki Jean (the travel queen) and I, with the help of my childhood bestie Robin, invented The Original Dream Strap - Here's how it went down. After going through the WORST breakup ever, my girlfriends and I took off to Thailand for some much needed, self care and reflection. It was my first time going on a long-haul flight and we set off with backpacks and travel pillows in hand. Naturally, I lost my travel pillow before we even arrived in Thailand and I cannot tell you how many times my girlfriend's pillow fell off her suitcase onto the gross floor. I tried really hard to find a compact travel pillow that worked but what I wanted didn't exist.

That trip was a game-changer for me. I quit my job in exchange for the freedom of travel and spent the next few years Country hopping and day dreaming about how I could do this for a living. While travelling the world I also purchased and tried almost every travel pillow in existence and nothing worked. Admittedly I did NOT try the Face Cradle, although I understand the concept, and I did NOT try the Ostrich.. google it! 

Fast forward a few years...

I was hosting a yoga and Pilates retreat in Costa Rica.

P.S. That's what I do now! Are you a traveler (of course you are!!) Check out my personal Instagram page and maybe come join us on a retreat!

Okay - back to the story! After the retreat ended, my co-host and I took a road trip and let's just say we had a little too much fun the night before we left Costa Rica.

The plane right home was an absolute nightmare... I was head bobbing the ENTIRE flight. You know when you fall asleep and your head falls forward and snaps you out of your sleep? Ya... that was me the entire plane ride home until I woke up in a rage "OMG Rebecca just give me your headband so I can't strap my head into this seat!!!" That was the moment the light bulb went off. Obviously, I couldn't strap my head to the seat because there was a TV on the back of it so there was still some logistics to work out, but I was obsessed over the idea.  

An idea is created in Cabo

A few months later my childhood bestie Robin and I took off to Cabo to escape the winter. Robin is a professional plane sleeper and she's pretty skeptical so I knew that if she wanted in on it, I had something good! Without hesitation, she was in! Right then and there we cut up some spandex tights, tied a bunch of knots and stapled this makeshift dream strap that actually worked! The only problem was that it was too big for me so I had to tie a few more knots in it to make it comfortable. The exact prototype was too small for Robin's head - and that's when we realized our baby had to be adjustable. 

A dream is born!

We spent the next couple years failing our way to success making prototype after prototype and flying allllll over the world perfecting the Dream Strap to make sure it works on planes with or without the adjustable headrest, trains, buses and cars. Honestly, it works so well, and is super compact which is very important for us light packers. I've had nothing but great reviews and I can't wait for you to try it! 

Happy Napping #TheDreamStrap 

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